Pure Topical Roll On is one of the latest products from On Duty CBD. This product comes in a 10ml bottle and contains 330mg of CBD. Like all On Duty CBD products, this roll-on is made in-house and contains a high concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients from the hemp plant.

For those who are new to CBD roll on, this product is not like the deodorant roll on that you may be used it. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in your armpit, but it can be used on any part of your body too. Pure CBD Topical Roll On is not a deodorant. It is a topical solution that is sold as a roll on to make application easy. Instead of using CBD lotions and creams where you have to squirt the solution in your hand and massage it on your body, you can simply swab the roll-on on your body. This makes it easy to use on hard-to-reach areas like your back. Also, the roll-on is more discreet so you can use it in public. It even has a fast absorption rate.

Pure Topical Roll-On is a highly concentrated solution. It comes in a small container, so it is easy to carry around with you in a bag. You can get this product at the On Duty CBD online store for only $36.95. It is shipped free of charge to any location of your choice in the U.S.

About On Duty CBD
On Duty CBD is a CBD brand that stands for American values. This company gets its CBD from hemp plants which are cultivated organically in small batches by veterans in Kentucky. The plants are grown without any pesticides or chemicals. This is important because hemp has been found to absorb pesticides and other materials in the soil where it is grown.

Once the plants are harvested, they are transported to the On Duty CBD laboratory in Lexington. The company has a team of Ph.D. chemists, scientists, medical doctors and technicians who are in charge of extracting CBD from the hemp plant, manufacturing and testing its products, bottling them, and shipping them off to customers.

Thanks to this in-house process, you can be assured that On Duty CBD products do not contain any pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals or any contaminants. All the products from this company are plant-based and suitable for vegans. They are not tested on animals and do not contain any imported materials. Each product from On Duty CBD has a QR code which allows the company to trace it back to the farmland where it was harvested. This means the company can always investigate thoroughly in the unlikely event that there is a problem with the product.

On Duty is on a mission to provide CBD for people who are “always on duty” like first responders, active military personnel and veterans, teachers, nurses, soccer moms, hunters, and gun enthusiasts to name a few.

Wouldn’t you rather buy top-grade CBD from a brand that supports veterans and the U.S. economy than from brands that sell fake CBD products from China?