You may have heard about SunJoined already. If you haven’t, SunJoined is a network of professionals involved in the hemp industry. The network includes hemp farmers, processors, manufacturers, and distributors. Lamar Wilson, the founder of SunJoined, decided to create this mutually beneficial network to create a level playing field in the hemp industry. The truth is that large companies overshadow smaller players in the hemp industry, and the latter rarely get to rake in any reasonable profit. SunJoined promotes the idea of strength in numbers; by sharing knowledge, best practices, technical know-how, and harnessing the distribution channels in the network, these small players stand a better chance of competing with behemoth hemp companies.

What Does SunJoined Do?
SunJoined does not only provide farmers with best practices and support from its chief grower Joel Williams. The network also supplies them seeds of the best hemp strains on the market. This ensures that hemp farmers get it right. SunJoined does not only rely on the accumulated knowledge and experience of its members. The organization is actively conducting experiments to discover new ways of growing healthy, CBD-rich hemp plants.

SunJoined also connects these farmers with trusted processors and manufacturers who are part of the network. These processors and manufacturers, in turn, have the opportunity to choose from different hemp strains grown by farmers located in different parts of the country.

Once the processors and manufacturers finish making a product, they can rely on the distributors in the network to market the products and get them out to the people who need them the most. SunJoined provides free marketing training to distributors to educate them on how to build a business and benefit from the hemp boom.

Essentially, the different players in the SunJoined network work together seamlessly to get you the highest quality hemp products that the market has to offer. They share knowledge, experiences, and support one another.

SunJoined doesn’t just promote the idea of collaboration between the different players in the hemp industry. The company actually practices it. SunJoined has harnessed the connections in its network to create a range of hemp products. These products include Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures (available with 500mg, 1000mg or 1500mg of CBD and Watermelon, Lemonade, or Cannafresh flavor), Hemp Tea, Salves, and more. The company has three brands, namely SunJoined, S’hemply Made, and Black Woman. SunJoined products are 100 percent natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, and suitable for vegans.

SunJoined gets the hemp plant used to make these products from the farmers in its network. These plants are grown organically in the U.S. The plant materials are processed at one of a facility owned by one of its partner processors. The hemp material is subjected to cryogenic ethanol extraction, which guarantees that you get nothing but pure hemp CBD extract. And the final product is sold by distributors who are also part of the network.

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